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NADRA has increased its e-commerce platform. This platform enables online installation and collection facilities for the total population and associations through various points of sale. This framework provides a convenient, minimal cost option to charge installments and other electronic exchanges while improving customer accommodation.

Today we are faced with a daily reality where we depend on machines and innovation and do not give many opportunities to our employees. Many people may wonder what kiosk means. A kiosk means it is a public booth.

We should never allow other revolutions to stop us from serving our customers, and for that reason, we should try to find alternative ways to help our customers and gain their trust and recognition. That is why the government has introduced the NADRA kiosk. NADRA KIOSK reporting system allows employees to serve their customers and get their input and ideas through this platform.


The goal of Nadra Kiosk

Nadra has developed its e-commerce platform to provide online payment and collection facilities to the entire population and associations through various points of sale. These outlets have been introduced in public places through the franchise network and are connected to Nadras National Data Warehouse through secure web associations.

High-level encryption guarantees assurance of an individual’s information passed to the warehouse for confirmation. This system offers a practical, minimal cost choice to charge installments and other electronic exchanges, while improving customer comfort.


What is Nadra kiosk?

NADRA KIOSK Reporting is a government facility portal for managing bill payments, cash exchange, various transactions and other exciting choices effectively. KIOSK help is available in Multan, Dera G Khan, Faisalabad, Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Nadra Kiosk Features

Nadra Kiosk Features

  • To ensure good system security
  • Personalized exchange security settings based on customer interest
  • Developed according to principles ISO 8583
  • Security level Biometric and an individual ID
  • Any exchange encryption design

Nadra E-Sahulat is a financially fit and functionally concrete organization for all public convenience presidencies and administrators. There is a brief overview of products and services.

Payment of money

  • Payout of e-government projects

Bill Payments

  • Electricity, water, telephone, gas organizations
  • Payment by bank account holders

Additional devices

  • Registration of INGO
  • Identity management for e-governance
  • Verification of the National Identity Card Service
  • Vehicle Registration Card (ETO-Islamabad)
  • Integrated Border Management System Safe City Stand with e-Sahulat
  • Pakistani electoral rolls
  • Afghan National Registration

What is Nadra Kiosk Reporting?

What is Nadra Kiosk Reporting?

Nadra Kiosk Reporting is a government facility portal for managing bill payments, cash exchange, various transactions and other exciting choices effectively. KIOSK help is available in Multan, Dera G Khan, Faisalabad, Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In 1947, Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, adopted the PIS (Personal Identity System) to register all residents of Pakistan. PIS became the National Database and Registration Authority in 1972.

The Government of Pakistan has started the modernization of the National Database Organization for Local Registration (NDO), which in 2000 was combined with the General Directorate of Registration (DGR) and created NADRA, the National and Registration Authority.

What is complaint registration about KIOSK reporting?

What is complaint registration about KIOSK reporting?

There is a choice of complaints in the menu bar of Kiosk Login. The public can file a complaint about any organization’s actual site. It has been made public how to file a complaint about newsstand notifications. A complaint can be registered if there is a problem with the transaction.

Below are the steps to file a complaint:

  • The complaint option is there on the official website of nadras.
  • Now open the nadra kiosk login and complaint management system.
  • When you log in to the complaint management system, an alternative “open the news sticker” appears.
  • You will see the choice “open the new ticker” when you first log in to the NADRA protest against the board framework.
  • The new registration form with the primary information will appear once you click on the option.
  • Enter your contact details and then select the complaint you need to register.
  • Then display your concern in the subject area and get a token number.
  • You can use the token number as a reference for your complaint.

Benefits of Nadra Kiosk

NADRA e-Sahulat in Pakistan: Services, Franchising & More |  Zameen Blog

The Nadra Kiosk reports cover a more extensive scope of different directions. This stage has made life more immediate for some people. Below are some benefits:

  • KIOSK has facilitated the payment of the electricity bill
  • Nadra Kiosk is the trusted exchange channel and has a wide variety of useful highlights on its identity webpage.
  • A chip of smart vehicle cards is here
  • Surveillance cameras are there to protect the public
  • INGO registration is activated to see the activities of NGOs
  • The E-Toll scheme saves time and ensures error-free collection of costs as electronic chasers detect the distinctions of the vehicle entering toll booths
  • The benefits and administrations of Kiosk are increasing step by step, improving the road to digital Pakistan.

How to use KIOSK reporting?

Since Nadra Kiosk reports give fantastic administrations, the fundamental thing is how these administrations are needed. Below is a step-by-step guide to figuring out how to use reporting from Newsstand.

  • First, go to the Newsstand website.
  • After registration you will see all directions on the relevant page.
  • You can scan for each of the administrations via this site

What is NADRA Esahulat?

About E-Sahulat

Nadra e-Sahulat is a social branch of Nadra to create and advertise its administrations and items to serve Pakistani citizens. nadra e sahulat kiosk reporting items and records include: Collection of utility bill payment (all utilities) Domestic remittances (JazzCash and HBL Express)

How would I pay with E Sahulat?

Decent Printers & Cold Corners / NADRA e Sahulat - Nadra E Sahulat Shop in Jalalpur Jattan

It is easy to make an installment with Nadra e-Sahulat. It would help if you went to your nearby Nadra e-Sahulat outlet, showed them your Wi-Fi client ID and paid them over the counter.

How do I get a kiosk report without a branch?

You can get the institution’s application structure from NADRA Territorial Workplaces or download it from https://e-sahulat.NADRA.gov.pk/.

How to check CNIC data?

To know the techniques for checking: Nadra kiosk Cnic verification and at that time follow the steps:

1. By SMS to 7000: The main strategy to check the details of the CNIC is to send SMS to NADRA.

2. Send an SMS to 8300

3. By texting 667

4. Verification of the CNIC and number data by SIM


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