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Cynthia D. Ritchie: Profile, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend and Family

Cynthia D. Ritchie is an adventurer, producer and blogger from Pakistan. Ritchie, an American citizen, is known for her in-depth knowledge of Pakistan’s contemporary socio-political scenario. Unfortunately, lately she’s turned into a fake character full of desire to be popular.


Ritchie has recently made serious allegations of sexual assault against prominent Pakistani PPP politicians, including the former Prime Minister and Home Secretary.

She has written a book about the life of Benazir Bhutto. The book is about the sex life of the late Bhutto, which is obviously not to his liking. She has also revealed that Benazir made her guards to rape women. However, the most shocking accusation was against Rehman Malik, a prominent PPP politician.

Ritchie says Malik raped her in 2011. She has also said that former Prime Minister Gilani had physically assaulted her during that time.

Personal profile

Date of birth:




Birthplace: USA

Believe: Christian

Educational Qualification:

Graduated in Mass Communication and Economics

Family and relationship:


Brothers or sisters:

Interesting and lesser known facts:

  • PPP has filed a complaint against her. The party also demands the withdrawal of ban on her book on Benazir Bhutto† They have also claimed that Imran Khan-led PTI is behind this sinister plot of character assassination of the late Bhutto.
  • There is also no doubt that Ritchie is close to many of Pakistan’s current powerful politicians and military personalities. She has also worked closely with PTI’s IT cell.
  • Rehman Malik, for his part, has filed a defamation lawsuit for the amount of Rs. 500 million against Cynthia in the Supreme Court.
  • Ritchie’s attempt to please the PTI government was of no benefit to her. The Ministry of the Interior on September 2, 2020, following the decision of the Supreme Court, asked her to leave Pakistan within 15 days
  • On August 19, 2021, Ritchie was found unconscious in her home. She was rushed to hospital. She later claimed that two Indians had come to her apartment and forced her to drink poison. They had threatened her not to work in Pakistan. There is no doubt that she is making false accusations.


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