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Pursuing a master’s degree in data science – is it worth it

Is it worth the time and money to pursue a master’s degree in data science?

Since being touted as the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st century by Forbes Magazine, the data science industry has expanded beyond expectations. Today, you can find data scientists working in practically every industry and providing game-changing insights.

You have probably heard many arguments in favour of pursuing a data science career such as its career diversity and exciting roles. If you still need more persuasion to enrol in a masters in a data science programme, this blog is for you!

Let’s get into the benefits you would receive from a data science career and a relevant master’s degree can boost your career opportunities in the field.

Is a career in data science worth considering?

Yes! Data management is considered the future gold standard of how businesses across industries would make decisions. Therefore, the data science industry can only be expected to keep growing at a rapid rate and keep adding new jobs.

In fact, a recent LinkedIn survey put data science careers as the most promising across the world. Here are the top reasons why a career in data science can be beneficial for you.

  1. There is an ever-increasing global demand for qualified data scientists which adds to the job security in this field.
  2. More and more number of newer industries like e-commerce are finding themselves dependent on data science.
  3. As a data scientist, you get to add value by improving the profitability and brand reputation of your organisation.
  4. Many data science roles have become non-negotiable for businesses and organisations.
  5. As an aspiring data scientist, you get a chance to change industries mid-career.
  6. Most data science roles command immense respect and handsome salary packages.

What can a postgraduate degree in data science involve?

A master’s programme in data science can be a great place to understand how data insights play an important role in the industrial domain. You are taken through different statistical methods and strategies for breaking down gigantic data sets and recovering meaningful insights from them.

These insights are in turn used to drive smarter, more profitable business decisions, taking organisations forward.

How can a formal data science degree enhance your career in data analytics?

Data science, though exciting, can seem incredibly complex and difficult to master for a beginner. However, a relevant data science programme can make it easier for you. 

Here are the top advantages of investing in a good postgraduate degree in data science.

  1. Structured expertise in data science rather than randomised learning
  2. Access to industry experts and mentors who can guide you with their experience
  3. Ample career support and placement assistance
  4. A chance to meet and interact with other data science enthusiasts.

What kind of career prospects can you expect with a data science degree?

As a data science graduate, you can expect a plethora of career options once you finish your programme. Some of these include:

  1. Financial auditor
  2. Senior data scientist
  3. Insurance analyst
  4. Market research analyst

Start looking out for appropriate data science programmes today to unlock more such exciting data science career opportunities.


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