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Reasons You Should Go for Wood Flooring in 2022


The flooring of wood is super popular among homeowners and owners of commercial offices because of its beauty and durability. The wooden floors have a special appeal in their own right.


In this blog article, we will look at the topmost benefits of engineered oak flooring.


It Looks as If It’s Real Wood

One of the most interesting and cool things about the engineered flooring is that it looks just like real wood. When the engineered wood flooring was first launched in the market, it was seen by many skeptics as something not worth using as an alternative to wood.


However, with the passage of time, today engineered flooring is so popular that everyone wants it. More so, the reason for the popularity of engineered wood comes from the fact that technological advancements have made a lot of changes to it – giving it the refined look.


No Issue of Contraction and Expansion

We see that real wood is prone to contracting and expanding while being under exposure to different weather from humid and hot to cold and rainy.


With the expansion and contraction, the wooden floor can create problems. However, when it comes to the engineered flooring, we see that the material used is not prone to changing form as much as real oak wood, or other types of wood do.


Next Level of Durability

Where flooring of real wood is considered to be very durable, on the other hand, a much better option is engineered wood flooring. The great thing about engineered flooring is that it is much better than wood when it comes to durability.


Engineered flooring material gets through a lot of tough conditioning to make it suitable for all types of harsh climates. Also, this flooring is reliable as it can withstand high amounts of pressure.


The smooth and hard texture of the engineered flooring allows for seamless drilling, which ensures the flooring strongly remains in place.


Low Maintenance

What anyone would love and want is flooring that requires the least amount of effort and money to maintain. In this respect, engineered wood flooring is something that fulfills all such criteria – making it a far more desirable option than flooring done with real wood.


The engineered flooring is less vulnerable to damage upon contact with water as compared with real wood. However, that does not mean in any way that you use a lot of water every time there’s a need to clean the floor.


You can simply use a vacuum cleaner or a brush that has soft bristles to clean up all the dust and dirt regularly – so the flooring will continue to remain in its best form – for years to come.


Wide Range of Selection

Another thing that makes the engineered flooring so desirable is that you can make it matchable with different color schemes of interior designs. From contemporary textural styles to several color options – the wide selection makes engineered wood ideal to mix and match with your home interior needs.



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