One of Dubai’s most unique tourist spots and the greatest place to do dune-bashing is the Big Red Dune Desert Safari, popularly known as Al Lahbab by the locals. It’s a great chance to take advantage of this enjoyable activity and enhance your Dubai Desert Safari by going on an exciting drive in this stunning setting. After you’ve completed dune-bashing, stop for some refreshments and sandboard from high dunes to observe the sunset. After sunset, we’ll bring you to our tent in the desert, where you may ride a camel, get your henna done, and take photographs while wearing traditional Arabic attire. There will be a great BBQ buffet, Arabic coffee, tea, cold water, soft drinks, and other sips. While you dine, you may see three performances of Tanura dance, fire dancing, and belly dancing.

A 4×4 will arrive at your door to pick you up from your hotel or home in Dubai before the Red Dune Desert Safari starts. In 45 minutes, the trip to the safari point, where you’ll enjoy Dubai’s most magnificent evening, will begin.


Dubai is a wonderful destination. Many alternatives are available to you for how you wish to spend your trip. But nothing compares to exploring the desert on a quad bike. It is an incredible thrill to ride across the desert on a quad bike as part of Magical Dubai’s quad biking desert safari in Dubai, which is a more contemporary version of the off-road experience. Given that it meets your need for speed and your appetite for novel experiences, the quad bike is an excellent method to feed your need for adventure.

A quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle with off-road riding capability. Quad biking desert safari is a terrific way to explore your surroundings or embark on an adventure for those who enjoy the rush of speed and excitement.


The Magical Dubai wants our clients to remember their time spent with us by making our excursions exciting and noteworthy. Our morning safari packages include several activities. We provide affordable package deals. Choose from among the plans we provide the one that best suits your choices, interests, and financial position. We put a lot of effort into keeping our clients’ trust and ensuring we never fail them.


As soon as you get on the luxurious land cruiser we have reserved for you and leave for the desert, the exciting nocturnal desert safari trip in Dubai will start. Travel through the Lahbab desert on an exhilarating red dune safari bashing adventure where you could fly over the red dunes as the windscreen fills with sand. Take in a stunning sunset over the golden dunes and capture it on camera to save the memories. For the most courageous, you may sandboard through the red dune desert safari while hurling sand into the air. You will have an incredible experience by getting to try quad biking, desert safari, camel riding, and dune bashing while exploring the wide desert.

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You may put all the worries you’d prefer to forget while on vacation to the side, thanks to this adventure. Dune-bashing is the craziest and most amazing experience you can have. Create a sand path in your wake as you race through the desert safari on the crimson dunes. It will be a lovely experience if you travel with family or friends. You will be provided with all the equipment and safety supplies our professionals need to provide a fun and secure riding experience. The typical Desert Dune Bashing session in Dubai lasts 45 minutes, while the typical quad biking session in the Dubai Desert Safari lasts 20 minutes. Longer sessions can be arranged for an extra charge.


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