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Rod Reiss – The Huge Titan Transformed

Attack on Titan is a brilliant anime series that is very famous among all the manga and anime fans around the world. There are different characters in the show that have attracted the attention of fans and have become fan favorites and one of these characters is Rod Reiss Titan. So, here we are going to give you the complete information about Rod Reiss and his journey in the show.

Personal Information

  • Name: Rod Reiss, Roddu Reisu
  • Alias: ‘Lord Reiss’, ‘King of the Walls’
  • Species: Titan (formerly human)
  • Gender: Male
  • Relatives: Alma (lover), Fritz Family, Reiss Family, 
  • Residence: Wall Sina
  • Status: Deceased
  • Occupation: King
  • Affiliation: Nobility, Royal Government
  • Notable Abilities: Massive Size, Heat and Steam emission
  • First episode: Smoke Signal
  • Famous quote: “to create this world… To govern its very foundation… Do you know what we call that? God. What we call that is… God. And my duty is to bring God back to our world and offer them my prayers. I’m praying. Historia. For God to lead and guide humanity!”

Rod Reiss was often referred to as Lord Reiss and was the true king of the Walls who was residing in the Wall Sina as a noble. Reiss was an important member of the Reiss family and was the father of Historia. 


Human: Reiss was a short and overweight man with black hair. And was often seen wearing clothes that screamed wealth but he had a regular dress of a long coat and white shirts and pants when he was partaking in the rituals of the Reiss family. 

Titan: Rod Reiss in his titan form was the biggest titan as he had an abnormal form. He was twice the size of the colossal Titan but as his body was quite disproportionate, he was not able to stand properly and crawled whenever he needed to move from one place to another. In his Titan form, he was also very lean and all of his bones were visible. Due to continuously crawling, his face was worn off badly and his internal organs were also visible.


He was a calm and intelligent human being and obtained the title of the founding Titan. Rod Reiss Titan face maintained a calm demeanour all through the show but there were instances where he lost his composure. Later on in the show, he became very panicked and erratic which lead to Rod Reiss Death also. 

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