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Role Of Business Process Outsourcing In The Travel Industry

Business Process Outsourcing is when one organization hires another to perform a specific task or service. Almost all industries have adopted this practice as it comes with a lot of benefits like cost savings, flexibility in carrying out the process, better performance, and innovation which is obtained by familiarity with tasks or services. There are different BPO companies which are specialized in different services like Sales, Screening, Accounting, Legal Advice, Human resources, etc.

Outsourcing In Travel Industry

BPOs outsource two kinds of functions, they are, back-office functions and front-office functions. The front-end office functions will involve interacting with the clients whereas the back-end office functions involve no client interaction. They offer to outsource not only for the entire department but also for a specific function. Likewise, Travel business process outsourcing (BPO) is when the travel-related operations of a company are transferred to a third-party consulting firm. Outsourcing Services for Travel Tourism Industry in India will involve booking and rebooking the tickets for a specific destination, reservation of hotels and vehicles during the client’s time of stay, and managing the client’s payment. Travel BPOs have highly-trained staff who are capable of performing tasks more efficiently.

Different functions can be carried out by a Travel BPO, based on the industry that hires them. For instance, a travel agency might outsource the ticket reservation process whereas an aviation company might outsource the accounting processes. Some companies can outsource their technical support and some companies can hire them as service providers.

Benefits Of Travel Business Process Outsourcing

  • Travel business process outsourcing focuses on making the entire trip pleasant and enjoyable.
  • Travel outsourcing is a smart way to handle business travel as they use multiple resources that give preferred outputs.
  • BPOs have excellent customer service. They perform in an effective manner and provide proper business management.
  • Travel BPOs find perfect destinations according to the client’s desire with the help of the latest technologies. The latest Technologies decrease the list of errors that might occur.

Services Offered By Travel BPO

Though the travel industry suffered a huge loss during the pandemic, it has started to elevate rapidly. As the travel industry is a large-scale industry with a high expansion rate, there are a lot of services that a Travel BPO can carry out. Some of the services can be broadly classified on the basis of sales, Accommodation, itinerary customization, Transaction assistance, Advertising, Ticket Allotment, etc.


This involves promoting sales of a company to its desired customers. It is accomplished by disclosing the information about the assets to the clients.


This involves choosing the right kind of hotel that is cost-effective, attractive, and satisfactory in accordance with the choice of the client. The sub-categories that are incorporated are availing Coupon Offers, Cancelation process, Refund, and Change of rooms or hotels in case of any discomfort caused.

Itinerary Customization

In order to have seamless travel, one must have an itinerary. A well-designed itinerary according to the desires of the client is taken into consideration while drafting it. Some of the uses of framing an itinerary are:

  • Travel itineraries ensure time management
  • Estimate the cost of the travel
  • Trip essentials should be noted
  • Helps in prioritizing

Administering Transaction

In every field, the most important and crucial role is to safeguard the transaction details of a customer. It is also important to maintain the transaction logs of the company. Each and every transaction must be accounted for. This is a back-office function.


Advertising industries grow exponentially with improved business performance. Make sure that the customers find the right kind of information when they are looking for it. Having advertising outsourcing can help companies focus on their core competencies.

Ticket Allotment

This service can be carried alongside accommodation as well, as they both have similar functions to perform. This service involves booking and rebooking tickets, canceling, and refunding. These are some of the common services that are provided by Travel Business Process outsourcing. If these services are carried out by BPOs it is easy for the core company to focus on the vital roles.

Travel Management Company (TMC)

The most fundamental difference between a Travel Agency and a Travel Management Company is that a travel agency only focuses on assisting in booking travel tickets for their clients and they also have a limited number of packages and plans. Whereas, a Travel Management Company (TMC) provides a set of services that are customizable according to the client’s interest and preferences, right from forming the policy with the client to the risk assessment planning for every member who will travel on the trip. They ensure that the travel management will be done in an effective manner and the expense will be well within the budget.

The travel management company focuses on developing a travel management plan that fits the client’s strategy and preferences. In case of an emergency or last-minute appointments, these TMCs will provide immediate assistance in finding the best transportation and hotels in the place preferred by the client. TMC Operations outsourcing in India provides services to manage complex visa requirements, pre-trip medical needs and assistance, travel insurance, remote area travel assistance, immediate disaster relief planning, and policy framework. TMC helps travelers to make necessary arrangements and handle a range of associated tasks. Other services provided by TMC include account management, security, and travel policy, cost and expense management.


Business Process Outsourcing is carried out by a large number of companies. It offers numerous practical and financial advantages. Travel Management Company makes use of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and provides the best customer service. They also provide a 24/7 service for people across the world. TMC focuses on making the process as simple as possible for all its clients, allowing the client to spend less time on time-consuming travel arrangements.

To conclude, Travel Business Process Outsourcing plays a major role in increasing the revenue of a company by providing vital services with the latest technologies and effective workers.


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