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The Most Delicious Dairy Queen Menu Items (Besides the Blizzard)

What’s the yummiest treat in Dairy Queen? Most people would roll their eyes at the question, especially if they’re Dairy Queen regulars. That’s because everyone knows the answer to this. It’s the Blizzard, hands down. The only question is which Blizzard flavor is the best, but that’s mostly a matter of (fervent) opinion. 

So, let’s amend the question. Let’s say you’re introducing a buddy to Dairy Queen, and for some reason they’ve never been there before. Obviously, you’re going to have to make them try a Blizzard, or better yet, all the Blizzard flavors. That way, you get a new Blizzard fan. 

But what else should your friend order. What’s the tastiest treat here, besides the Blizzard? Now this may also be a matter of opinion, but in this case, we’re confident of our recommendations. 


Wait, how this the humble Dairy Queen fries deserve being the first mention on this list? It’s true that some other fries in the fast-food industry may be better. But that doesn’t negate the fact that in itself, the DQ fries are just excellent. The saltiness level is just about perfect, and you also get that ideal crispiness level. 

These fries go with just about everything else in the menu. Regardless of which burger, hotdog, or sandwich you get, the fries will match up perfectly. 

What really gets the fries deserving of the top mention is that it’s absolutely fantastic when you dip it in the Blizzard (or any ice cream in the DQ menu, for that matter). The salt flavor just goes extremely well with the sweet treat, and every bite is heavenly. 

FlameThrower Grillburger

This is for those who feel that non-spicy food items are boring, and that’s not really a word that describes this burger. And the spiciness also goes perfectly with the Blizzard you’re inevitably getting. It offers a nice contrast, even with the fries added. Get this burger for the spice, the fries for the saltiness, and then the Blizzard for the sweet, and it’s an utterly fantastic feast. 

You won’t need anything else, since you already get 2 patties here, along with 2 slices of melted pepper jack cheese plus the tomato and lettuce. But you also get the tasty jalapeño bacon (yes, there is such a thing) along with the hot sauce on top. 

Chili Cheese Dog

While plenty of fast-food joints sell both burgers and chicken, not all that many of these restaurants offer hotdogs. That’s surprising, as the hotdog is supposed to be an American icon, like baseball and apple pie. But at least you have hotdog options here at DQ, and their Chili Cheese Dog is a great option. 

Sure, it’s plain as far as sandwiches go. You have the standard hotdog in a bun, then you get lots of chili on cheese on top. It’s not exactly a complicated creation. 

But the simplicity offers that familiar zingy taste you often look for in comfort food. Sometimes, when you’re just hungry or you’re watching a game on TV, you want something comfortingly familiar to munch on. And this certainly works. 

Onion Rings

While the fries are excellent, you can go for the onion rings if you’re in the mood for something different. This is another item you don’t normally see in the more famous burger joints. It’s a shame, especially when they’re as good as the DQ onion rings. 

These are served crispy and hot, and they sure are tasty with any BBQ sauce. They work really well with burgers, and they’re fantastic with the chili cheese hotdog. 

Banana Split

Sometimes, you want some fruits to go with your dessert, to at least try to have some sort of nutritional meal. Get the DQ Banana Split to satisfy that craving. At the very start, you’ll appreciate just how good it looks. 

What’s more, the actual taste is just as good as it looks. The flavors combine nicely, and you have lots of flavors to work with here. The ingredients come with the usual vanilla soft serve and the banana slices, then you also have pineapples, chocolate fudge, and strawberry sauce. It’s a true delight for your taste buds. 

This is huge, however, and the amounts of calories and sugar may not meet your doctor’s approval. But it’s large enough that you can share it with a buddy, or better yet, with a date. 

Final Words

Actually, there are plenty more excellent Dairy Queen items that we haven’t mentioned. You can easily check them all out, along with their prices. Just view more here, so you can try more of these terrific treats.


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