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The Samsung Galaxy S22’s Exynos 2200 processor turns out to be a shameful disappointment

Samsung has been hyped for its new smartphone chip for a while now. The Korean company had ambitious plans for smartphone gaming and teamed up with AMD to introduce a powerful RDNA 2 based GPU that was expected to deliver groundbreaking performance.

Known as the Xclipse 920, the GPU was expected to enable hardware-level ray tracing, similar to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nvidia’s latest-generation GPUs.

But all that marketing glitter isn’t gold. The new GPU is only marginally better than the previous generation, as evidenced by leaked benchmark results. The report comes from the Twitter tipster @TechAltar and it shows that the Xclipse GPU is only 17% faster than the last generation, the Exynos 2100.

An improvement this small is only incremental and seen with almost every generational jump between SoCs. God knows where that extra juice from AMD has gone. As the tipster says, “No wonder they tried to cancel the Exynos special launch event”.

He also pointed out how Samsung tried to keep performance stats in the dark, which is usually not the case when a new and powerful chipset comes out, such as the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 for example.

The CPU is even more of a disappointment. The tipster reveals that the CPU is only 5% faster than before, which is even worse than usual incremental upgrades.

But at least the NPU for AI tasks is impressive. A performance upgrade of 115% means the Exynos 2200 will be much faster with AI tasks such as image processing.

However, the real performance is yet to be seen until we see gaming performance on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Maybe Samsung can save some face when we see the real-life performance, but expectations are pretty low right now.

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