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Top 5 Tips to Keep the Bees Away from Your Home

Bees are winged insects that can be often found flying near their hives in the garden. The bees are pollinators and play an essential part in the ecosystem. People often nurture the bees to get honeycomb and honey from their hives. Now, here comes the negative aspect of the bee infestation. These yellow flying creatures are aggressive and their sting is painful. Bee removal is not possible without hiring pest control Flagstaff professionals. But, you can try to keep these bees away from your home by taking care of the following things:

1. Use Plants to Repel the Bees

Usually, the bees are attracted to sweet and colourful flowery plants. If you want the bees to keep a distance from your garden, you need to plant trees with strong odours. Eucalyptus, mint, marigold, and red geraniums are some examples of plants that can repel bees.

2. Use Insecticide Powder and Sprays

For emergency cases, you can buy bee-repellent sprays and powders. The chemicals in these products target the nervous system of the bees. Bees die after the application of these pesticides. There is nothing wrong with these products but you should be aware of the side effects of these chemicals. If you have kids or pets at home, then try to avoid buying pesticides without consulting with the experts.

3. Get an Electric Bug Zapper

The electric Bug zapper is an easy-to-install machine. The powerful electric current passes through the machine when you start it. There is a UV light inside the device that attracts the pests. When bees come near the machine, they die because of electric current. If you don’t want to kill bees with this inhumane technique, then you should ask a pest control Doreen expert to remove the bees and their hives safely from your premises.

4. Keep Moth Balls

Bees don’t like the odour of mothballs. The balls turn into vapours during the process of sublimation. The odour gets released into the air and the bees also avoid visiting the places where moth balls are kept.

Apart from mothballs, you can also utilise lavender oil, citronella candles, vegetable oil, and citrus peels to restrict the entry of bees.  

5. Properly Water Your Garden

Can you notice little burrows in the dry soil of your lawn? These burrows are the nests made by ground bees. These types of bees need dry soil as their nest. When you water the lawn frequently, you make the conditions unfavourable for the bees. The larvae can’t survive in the water-clogged burrows. Watering is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of the ground bees.


It is risky to allow the bee infestation to increase in your garden. There is always a risk of stings and painful allergic reactions if the bees make their nests in a house. To prevent the harmful effects of bee infestation, you can consider the easy tips given by us. Make sure that you seek assistance from pest control Doreen specialists when the bees increase in number

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