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Twitter set to finally allow tweets with no character limit

This year it has brought several impressive changes to some of the mainstream social media platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and even Google’s Gmail. Twitter is next in line to make a big change. The social media platform is finally breaking the “Twitter stereotype” of 280 characters per tweet.

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According to a recent leak published by a reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchin Wong, the company could soon introduce a new “Twitter Articles” feature on the platform. Wong, shared a screenshot of the Twitter web interface in a tweet. The image shows the text “No articles yet” and “Create a Twitter article”, suggesting that users will soon be able to post long articles on Twitter.

Currently, due to the character limit of 240 characters per tweet, users can only tweet longer parts of text by using threads, but the new feature is expected to allow continuous text in a single tweet.

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As of now, the feature is not currently accessible to Twitter users, nor is there much solid evidence about what this feature would bring to the table. The leaks discovered so far suggest the feature may be exclusive to newscasts, Twitter Blue subscribers, or perhaps SuperFollow exclusive content. Twitter said it will reveal details about “Twitter articles” in the coming weeks.

Initially, when the platform first launched in 2006, tweets were limited to 140 characters, which was quite restrictive. However, this limit was doubled to 280 characters in 2018, making it easier for users to “express themselves” and now with “Twitter Articles” users might be in for a tweet.

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