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What exactly is MSc in engineering management?

An increasing number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates with some experience are considering a Master in Engineering Management(MEM) over a Master of Business Administration(MBA). A master’s or an MSc in Engineering Management is a programme designed especially for graduates with a keen interest in technology and management. It is a specialised management programme that offers leadership abilities for handling engineering and technical-based projects. A master’s degree in today’s highly competitive business landscape is an important aspect of career progression. If you are an engineering graduate looking to earn a master’s degree, an MSc in Engineering Management can be the right.

Keep reading this article to understand exactly what MSc in Engineering Management is.

MSc in Engineering Management: An Overview

The MSc in Engineering Management course typically ranges from 18 months to 24 months. Throughout the course, the focus remains on offering student’s a sound understanding of complex engineering systems across the world on different management systems. It also emphasises engineering management in the local and international setting and intends to build knowledge to compare different countries’ parameters relevant to management and engineering. 

An MSc in Engineering Management explores the field of engineering while emphasising management at all levels. This programme offers students to tackle the challenges senior-level engineers and managers face in the IT field face. Interestingly, the course offers three specialisations for the students to tailor their education to gain specific knowledge and skills for their projected career aspirations. 

This course is best offered in Berlin, where you can choose from these three specialisations:

  1. Specialisation in Project Management
  2. Didactic Organisation – Specialisation in Sustainability and Energy Management
  3. Specialisation in Logistics, TQM, and Supply Chain Management

All the above specialisations cover the following core modules with one module as per the specialisation:

  • Digital Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economic of Innovation
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Numerical Methods
  • Organisational Dynamics and Behaviour
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation

Specific modules, as per the specialisation, are Project Management, Management of Energy Systems, and Modelling for Manufacturing Systems and Logistics, respectively.

What are the learning outcomes of an MSc in Engineering Management? 

Following are the learning outcome of undergoing an MSc in Engineering Management:

  • A sound understanding of complex engineering system
  • Developed knowledge of combined technical and managerial skills in sector-specific management 
  • Well-developed skill-set to manage entrepreneurship, engineering, innovation, and change
  • Well-built industrial and engineering abilities, management knowledge, business tactics, and expertise in producing better-plans

High-paying jobs after pursuing an MSc in Engineering Management:

  • Technical Manager
  • Cost/System Analyst
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager

Why opt for an MSc in Engineering Management in Berlin?

Berlin is Germany’s capital and has always been one of the central driving forces behind the country’s growth. It is broadly known for its high-quality education and low living cost, making it an ideal study destination. Interestingly top universities in Berlin offer MSc in Engineering Management degree programmes.

Now you are familiar with many aspects of an MSc in Engineering Management. You can make an informed decision to pursue higher education in the fastest-growing fields of management and technology and become future-ready!


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