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What is the cost of attending medical school in the Caribbean?

Doctors have an integral role in the improvement of human health. Therefore, as professionals, doctors command respect and admiration around the world for their contribution in restoring and preserving human health. If becoming a doctor is your lifelong dream, then you will already be aware that the expenses of pursuing a medical education can be considerable. However, investing in a medical degree is money well spent as doctors can earn significantly more than they spend on their education. 

Caribbean medical school tuition, in comparison to U.S. and Canadian medical schools, can be lower when considering the living expenses. Many island medical schools also qualify for federal student loan programs and other scholarships to further reduce the financial burden for students. Pursuing an MD degree from an accredited Caribbean medical school can set you up for success in the U.S. and Canada.

While every Caribbean medical school differs in cost, the below list of tuition and fees offers an estimate of the total cost of studying medicine in the Caribbean. The tuition and fees can be different for students enrolling at different times of the year. However, it is important to note that the total expense of pursuing medical education in the Caribbean is the total tuition and fees. Refer to the below table for tuition and fees of a Caribbean medical school. 

Tuition and fees for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program 

Basic Science tuition $16,239 per semester
Administrative fees (semester 1-5) $5,210
Clinical Medicine tuition and fees $21,856 per semester
Administrative fees (semester 1-5) $3,594
Graduation fees $500
Tuition deposit (non-refundable) $500
Non-refundable administrative fees $100

Caribbean medical schools offer paid accommodation for first-semester unaccompanied students. First-semester students are typically given accomodation in the medical school’s dormitories. These dormitory rooms are equipped with microwaves, air conditioners, and refrigerators. The cost of a single occupancy dorm is $2,936, and the cost of a double occupancy dorm is $1,852. However, after completing their first semester, medical students must find accommodation on the island.

Apart from tuition and fees, various other additional costs must be considered. Medical students also spend a significant amount of money on textbooks, however many Caribbean medical schools allow students to rent textbooks from their library.

Studying at a Caribbean medical school offers a diverse medical education. With more than 60 medical schools, which are different in cost, it is important to check the tuition and fees while also looking into the financial support that the medical school offers. 

However, while selecting a Caribbean medical school, it is also important to consider more than just the financial aspect. Making a well-informed decision when choosing a medical school is vital to succeed in the medical field. With highly experienced faculties, an enhanced learning experience in a small class, excellent USMLE pass rates, and comprehensive scholarship programs, the Caribbean is an ideal destination to start your journey to becoming an MD.


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