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What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Moms-To-Be

New parents and their partners are always eager to offer guests a peek into their new lives and homes. But with a baby on the way, you’re sure to get a lot of questions about your new life as a mother. If you’re expecting, it’s natural to want to share that news with friends and family. But with so many visitors, you might feel like your home is constantly being gawked at. What you pack in your hospital bag for moms-to-be will help ease their curiosity and give you the peace of mind that you’re prepared for the coming weeks of visitors and medical appointments. From maternity clothes to toiletries, your hospital bag should help you feel prepared for the new arrival. Here are tips on what to pack in hospital bag for mom.


From the middle to the last trimester of your pregnancy, it is okay to start planning for your child’s birth before your belly grows larger. Get started as early as possible, and make small adjustments along the way. Organize what to pack in hospital bag for mom into three types: things to use before labor begins, things to use in the hospital, and things to use after you leave the hospital.

List of items that will help you when you go into labor

Make sure you have it on hand so you don’t freak out when you go into labor. It’s also important to have them in an easily accessible location, such as the front entrance, so you can grab them right away.

1.     Diapers for adults (2 pcs)

The water usually breaks after the contractions begin, however it is possible for the labor to begin before the water breaks. Do not panic if your water breaks; instead, put on a diaper first. Unlike peeing, you cannot hold back when your water breaks.

2.     Bath towels (2 pcs)

Even if you are wearing a diaper, there may be times when amniotic fluid leaks out. Prepare two bath towels for such an occasion.

3.    Birthing Panties(3 pcs)

The examination will begin as soon as you arrive at the hospital. Change from disposable diapers to postpartum panties once your water breaks. These pants are meant to allow you to change napkins without taking them off, making life easier for postpartum moms. They’ll also come in handy for postpartum medical exams, do not forget to include them on what to pack in hospital bag for mom. They do not need to be expensive, though, because they will only be worn for a few weeks following delivery.

  1. Birthing napkins (1-2 packs)

You will use a postpartum napkin when changing into postpartum pants and a new one after delivery. Please confirm with the hospital if these napkins are provided. However, having a spare is safer.

2.Garbage bags

Just in case, bring extra bags for soiled clothes, towels, and diaper trash.

4. Taxi and hospital phone numbers

If you start having labor contractions while driving or need to go to the hospital right away, you must take a taxi to the hospital if no one else is available to drive you. Check to see if there is a labor taxicab available in your neighborhood. It’s a good idea to have the phone number written down in a notepad in addition to registering it in your phone.

5. Money

Carry only what you need. You can’t even get a cab if you’re penniless.

List of Birth Preparation During Hospitalization and Upon Discharge

You will be preoccupied with the baby while at the hospital. It is safer to have as many useful items on hand as possible. These are  what to pack in hospital bag for mom.

1.      Maternity notebook, insurance card, medical examination ticket

The Maternal and Child Health Handbook is always required because the doctor will record the baby’s information after the baby is delivered. It is also necessary for the registration of births. As a result, remember to bring your Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Remember to bring your health insurance card and your medical examination card.

2.     Pajamas for Mothers (3 pairs)

The baby may vomit and stain the pajamas after drinking a lot of milk. Having extra sets of pajamas is a good idea. It is also more practical to carry a huge change of clothes because the infant will not be able to bathe for 5 to 7 days following delivery.

3.     Mom’s shirt or underwear

You can also prepare an inside shirt (underwear) with further modifications. Choose a loose-fitting top that will allow you to breastfeed easily.

4.     Wet wipes for the body

Because you sweat a lot during childbirth, it’s difficult not to take a bath. Many mothers have expressed their gratitude for having something to wipe their bodies with.

5.     Nursing bra

You may not need as many if you have someone wash and deliver them to you, but if you aren’t used to it, you will soak your bras while breastfeeding. Furthermore, breast milk stinks over time and must be replaced if soiled. Even if you consider the nursing duration to be one year, buying them all at once in preparation for hospitalization is not a waste.

6.     Mother’s milk pad (1 pack)

Somehow, when you nurse a baby and feed the right breast, the left breast milk comes out at the same time. The bra and pajamas are soaked as a result. To avoid this, we’ll put a mother’s milk pad on a nursing bra beforehand. It’s a good idea to have a lot of pads on hand so that you can replace them as needed.

7.     Moisturizers

Both mothers and babies’ skin can become chapped in hospitals because of the dry air.

8.     Baby’s underwear

You’ll need additional underwear for your newborn, so stock up on 5 pairs. 5 pieces each of short underwear and combination underwear.

9.     Diapers for Infants

Some mothers may wonder how many diapers to buy when preparing for a baby’s birth. You might not think you need two sets of diapers, but you do. In addition, some maternity hospitals use cloth diapers, so confirm with them first.

10.  Wipes

Wipes will be used a lot by newborn babies who need a lot of diapers. Make sure you have plenty of wipes on hand.

11.  Gauze Handkerchiefs

During bathing, babies are washed using gauze handkerchiefs. Put a gauze handkerchief around the baby’s chin when he or she is drinking breast milk. This is due to the fact that newborn babies are unable to correctly suck breast milk and spill it from their mouths. Every time the baby drinks breast milk, wipe with a gauze. Use tissues instead of clean gauze if you run out during your hospital stay.

12.  Clean Cotton

Cotton pads are very useful for weeping wounds after childbirth or for wiping breasts before breastfeeding.

13.  Baby Swaddling Wraps

Swaddle your baby with one of these clothes when you leave the hospital.

14.  One  Coverall for Baby’s Discharge

Many adorable rompers are available for purchase at a baby apparel store. After all, the nicest part of preparing for a baby’s birth is picking out the baby’s clothes. Prepare a romper for your baby’s daily wear. Even in hot weather such as summer, it is convenient to have a lightweight one.

Other necessary items for hospitalization

  • Ballpens
  • Video camera, digital camera
  • Cellular phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • Cups, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Drinking water (3 bottles of 500ml)
  • Mom’s clothes for leaving hospital
  • Mom’s socks
  • Slippers

Post-discharge Childbirth Preparation List

Certain preparations must be made what to pack in hospital bag for mom

so that you are not left without certain items when you leave the hospital. Prepare the bare necessities to welcome mother home.

1.     Baby Seat

If you’re driving your newborn home in the family car, you’ll need a baby seat. Please have a baby seat ready when preparing for your baby’s delivery to safeguard his or her safety.

2.     Coveralls

You should also bring coveralls with you when you leave the hospital. They are not only designed for newborns, but several of them can be quite large. They’re warm enough to cover both arms and legs completely, and you can roll up the sleeves if they get in the way.

3.     Disposable diapers

Diapers for a newborn baby run out quickly. It’s also a good idea to have disposable diapers on hand for when you leave the hospital.

4.     Bottle for Feeding

You should have a bottle ready in case you are unable to produce breast milk. If a woman is taking medicine for a cold or another illness, she should temporarily stop breastfeeding and switch to formula.


Parents who are worried about birthing need to have peace of mind. It is important to plan ahead of time what to pack in hospital bag for mom. We hope that our checklist will help in your preparation because all we want is for your labor and delivery to go smoothly. Because childbirth should be a joyful experience for you, not a stressful one.

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