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5 Ways of Making Picturesque Displays with Planter Boxes

Are you searching for a high-impact, low-cost gardening venture? Consider making some alterations to your planter boxes. Planter boxes have an allure that stems from their ability to create attractive gardens in microcosms.

There are numerous styles and sizes to select from when it pertains to finding the ideal planter to achieve your container gardening dreams.

Whether you choose a window box loaded with springtime blossoms or a great large-scale planter with a tiny tree, your selection will make a significant difference in the appearance of your home. 

Here are some fun and inventive planter box ideas to get you started.

Planter Boxes with Edible Ingredients 

Salads from your garden have never looked so good. Planters brimming with chrysanthemums and herbs can have colourful and appetising anchors in the form of vining vegetables and small pepper stems. 

To keep blooming vegetable planter boxes fruitful throughout the year, leave them damp and feed them with a fluid salmon emulsion once a week.

Planter Boxes in a Circular Shape 

Circular planters are elegant and perfect for growing trees and expansive blossoms, and they instantly lend charm to any exterior setting. They juxtapose brilliantly with rectangular and square pavers, rills, fences, and gates and lend a feeling of motion and graceful lines to a design. 

Three or four wide-scale circular plants should be placed throughout a space to entice people to make way between them and discover the area beyond. 

Place them near an ornamental plant, and they’ll produce a gentle diffused shade below them, providing the ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon nap.

Trailing Blooms

Gardeners can employ dainty trailing blooms that might otherwise succumb to muddy splodges and insect infestations on the lawn in a planter box

Though petunias will never go out of style, look for exotic trailing blossoms like the lush Red Chenille and the Black-eyed Susan Vine.

Statement-Making Potted Trees

On an oversized patio or terrace, one to two large planted pots that are scaled appropriately can have far more influence than a slew of smaller ones that may appear inconsequential or finicky. 

If you’re going to grow a tree or colossal shrub in a planter, make sure it’s big enough to fit the plant as it blooms, so you don’t have to re-pot it every few years. 

If you have enough space surrounding the tree, you may add intrigue by sowing low-growing wildflowers or adding some springtime colour.

Winter-themed Planter Boxes

When the snow falls, the beautification period doesn’t come to an end. Pansies are the ultimate cold-weather bloom, and they’re even sturdier in planter boxes. 

With planter boxes planting, there’s no necessity to wait for damp, partially frozen winter soil to succumb to your shovel. Pansies can swing back even if a strong winter is predicted, allowing you to showcase the very first blossoms in April.

Transforming a Corner Using Planters

Do you have a vacant spot on your lawn that you’d want to fill with some verdant interest? The solution is to use planter boxes. 

You can cluster and place them to maximise your given area, and you may also customise the pots to match your aesthetic and the appearance of your lawn. 

Numerous designs are available in various sizes and widths, so you can group them to make an innovative and unified exhibit at fractionally varying levels. 

Parting Note

That concludes the roundup! 

Colourful blooms lend immediate aesthetic appeal and are a simple and affordable way to spruce up the exterior of your property. Place a planter box next to your front gate, one beside your porch rail, or several around your terrace.

Here’s hoping the above-mentioned planter box ideas have been helpful if you want to add a vibrant burst of colour to your home!


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