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6 Benefits Of Driveway Gates

An automatic driveway gate installation can be a major expense for any property owner. If you’re uncertain if it’s worthwhile, There are various benefits to consider.

Automated gates are an excellent investment for many reasons. In terms of the security and safety of your family members, peace of mind is priceless.

Fence makers’ gates are how to do and what we are most passionate about. Here are our top six advantages of installing an automated driveway gate. Although some of these benefits are obvious, there are many other advantages you might not have thought of.

1. Security Boosted

It’s not difficult to see that installing an automatic gate installed at the front of a house is an excellent method to enhance security. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residence for families, a specialist disability home or an aged care facility, or commercial premises, these types of gates are usually described as driveway gates for security.’

An automated driveway gate is not only an attractive deterrent to visitors, it also limits access for pedestrians and vehicles onto your premises. It means your home will be safer while your household will be more secure. Gates for driveways are an ideal way to secure expensive objects, like boats and trailers, and to prevent motor vehicle thefts.

2. Additional Safety Features For Your Pets And Family Members

One of the greatest advantages of driveway gates that are automated is security. First, if you’re heading home at night, you’ll be able to access the gate without leaving the security of your vehicle.

Additionally, if you have children who are small, An automatic gate can keep them from running off into the street or throwing the ball in traffic. The gate will also keep undesirable pets and people off your property, assuring that your children.

If you also have pets, like a dog, an automated driveway gate (along with fencing) will ensure that your pet is kept in your home.

3. Privacy Additional

For those who are concerned about privacy, if it is a priority for you, an automated driveway gate can be a good investment. It will stop cars from stepping into your driveway as well as prevent pedestrians from entering your backyard. This could reduce the chance of theft as well as make it less visible to people who visit your property to the public. Additionally, this privacy enhancement can increase the value of your home and give you more landscaping options. For instance, you can make use of the front yard as an additional space for entertaining with no privacy issues.

4. Kerb Appeal Increased

Like everything else, you’re given one chance to create the right impression when people first see your house. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of curb appeal, it refers to the way your home appears to those who walk by across the road. Automated driveway gates will significantly improve the overall appearance of your home, and, consequently, increase your curb appeal.

At Fence Makers, we provide a wide range of designs for driveway gates, such as:

  • Single sliding driveway gates
  • Double sliding driveway gates
  • Single swing gate driveway swing
  • Double swing gates for driveways
  • Combination of swing gates and sliding driveway gates
  • Bi-fold driveway gates
  • Telescopic driveway gates

Our gates are also available in a wide range of colours and materials that include:

  • Traditional steel tubular and aluminium designs
  • Decorative driveway gates
  • Aluminium slat driveway gates
  • Smart wood slat driveway gates
  • Aluminium picket driveway gates
  • Perforated or laser-cut sheet driveway gates

Our huge variety of designs and opening options mean that we have a solution to fit every home. If you are unable to find the gate you’re searching for on our site, don’t worry. Fence makers have it all. Fence makers make sure that all gates are made to order, and we are able to create, build and install the gate that will meet your specific needs of you.

4. Value-Added For Your Property

Making an investment in an automatic driveway gate is a common addition to your property’s value. Gates are a desirable option for potential buyers because of their practical advantages as well as their aesthetic appeal. If the time comes to market your home, Not only will attractive gates and fencing improve the value of the property, but, they will aid in setting an individual property in the market. Other properties that are available.

5. Insurance Premiums Are Reduced

If you install an automated driveway gate, your insurance provider could reduce the cost of insurance. Insurance experts are aware of the advantages of electric gates as well as their capability to increase the security of your home.

An automatic driveway gate can not only lower the cost of your contents and home insurance costs, but it can also lower your motor vehicle insurance premiums as well as boats, trailers, and caravans. As time passes, these savings can be substantial and can offset the expense of installing gates.


If you’d like to know more information about our collection of driveway gates or prefer to receive a free quotation, without obligation, from any of our sales representatives, please don’t be afraid to reach us.


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