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A journey beyond the Beaches – Exploring the Thrilling adventures, and Enchanting Culture of Pattaya

Embrace the rich culture and be inspired by the adventures Pattaya has for you!

The charming city of Pattaya on Thailand’s Eastern Gulf Coast is famous for its stunning beaches. Although a fishing village a few decades ago this city has been transformed into a haven for lovers of sun, sand, and sea. Yet alongside the picturesque shores is a rich culture and sheer adventures to be explored.

Pattaya Park Tower

Have a sweeping panoramic view of Pattaya City and the gleaming Jomtien Bay from the 55th floor of this sky-hugging seaside tower. The tallest seaside tower on the East Coast of Thailand Pattaya Park Tower stands at 240 metres. On the 55th Floor, which is the topmost one, is an observation deck. The experience from this floor is stupendous, which enables you to take a fill of the spectacular view from that height apart from many other thrilling activities which are eagerly embraced by intrepid travellers from many Pattaya resorts. For most of them, a visit to this tower and its Amusement Park are bucket list items.

The Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle and Sky Shuttle are the more adventurous activities and are embraced by adrenaline junkies whilst there are many more at the Amusement Park.

Tower Jump – Slide on a zip line from a height of 170 metres from the Tower Room, while you are harnessed this jump offers a tremendous adrenaline rush.

Speed Shuttle – This is a ride for two people who stand side by side in a cage which slides down to the ground from the same height.

Sky Shuttle – On this shuttle a few people travel down in a capsule and slide from the same height. 

Wat Phra Yai

Wat Phra Yai means the Temple of the Big Buddha. This temple has been a place of worship and reverence since the mid-20th century and is an Iconic symbol of the culture in Pattaya from ancient times to the present depicting traditional Thai architecture and features in the buildings. Another factor that draws a lot of visitors is its location on a hilltop. From a long distance away one can see the eye-catching Wat Phra Yai on Pratumnak Hill, along with the 12-metre-tall, seated statue of the Lord Buddha in golden hue that has given it its name. 

The 70-odd steps to reach the top can be easily climbed by anyone fit and mobile and is well worth the effort to be inspired by the serene façade of the statue and feel the tranquil atmosphere up there. As there are no motorbikes or other modes of transport available only way to reach the top of Pratumnak Hill is to climb the steps. For those who do venture up, it is a treat to savour the spectacular beauty of the surroundings. 

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

This extensive oasis of greenery spanning 600 acres is not only the largest Botanical Garden in Southeast Asia, but it is also a place for locals and visitors to appreciate different cultural facets of Thailand. Beautifully landscaped and conscious of the conservation of the threatened species of plants, Nong Nooch offers a delightful treat to one’s senses as you stroll through. The winding walkways, enchanting little arbours a series of themed gardens like the animal sculpture garden, Butterfly Hill, Stonehenge, the French Garden, Orchid Garden, Bonsai Garden and many more keep the visitors engaged in absorbing the beautiful vistas that surround them.

The park offers cultural and traditional Thai Performances during the day offering a peek into the splendour of traditional Thai Ceremonies using graceful dancers and there are Thai sword fighting performances and various others. Elephant shows are also regularly held at this park all of which attract many visitors to Pattaya.

Pattaya Floating Market

A great initiative to showcase the lives of the Pattaya riverside communities, this bustling floating market established in 2008 provides an illuminating insight to visitors into the way of living of scores of Thai people in riverside communities. This is also an interesting place to recapture ancient Thailand when most people did their weekly shopping for their homes at a floating market with vendors wearing unmistakable rice hats paddling on their boats laden with fresh fruits, vegetables, Thai sweetmeats and more.

The market comprises four distinct sections representing the key regions of the country, the North, Northeast, South and Central. Each section depicts the typical architecture and culture unique to that region in the wooden homes built. With throngs of people intent on their activity be it selling, shopping or just exploring it is an exciting and colourful place.

Many intrepid visitors such as those using hotels like Avani Pattaya Resort tend to use the traditional Thai longtail boat ride around the market while amphibious boats are also available. The experience of moving about in the water while you pick up Thai sweets, colourful handicraft items, souvenirs and a variety of garments is captivating. One can also walk along the wooden walkways to shop, which is a different experience. Many visitors spend a few hours of pleasure coupled with deep insights into the lives of these people doing this visit.

Sea Walk at Coral Island

Also known as Koh Larn, Coral Island is the biggest island that is closest to Pattaya and can be reached by a 45-minute picturesque boat ride. This tiny paradise has so much to offer its visitors with endless stretches of pristine beach lapped up by turquoise waters and hilly terrain complemented by the scarcity of crowds, which is quite appealing.

With open-air restaurants and cafes serving delicious seafood and enticing cocktails, this is an ideal beach for relaxation. However, this island holds even more spectacular beauty underwater. 

Enjoy a walk on the ocean bed here to discover many moments of awe-inspiring pleasure. Going down about 20 metres below into the deep ocean you get to witness the abundance of colourful fish and other marine life around as you walk, observing the fish that swim around you. A profound adventure and experience you are not likely to forget in a hurry.


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