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Ask These 9 Important Questions from Social Media Agency

You’re looking to hire a digital marketing Manchester on social media for the very first time or your previous agency disappointed you and you have promised to be more careful when you next meet. But you need to conduct your homework before deciding on an agency for marketing. 

To determine if they’d be the right fit with your company, it is vital to ask the right questions to assist in deciding on the best agency to help your brand succeed. We’ve compiled an assortment of 9 useful questions our clients ask. A good firm should be in a position to address them with ease.

What do you think of The Brief I’ve submitted?

Scenario Example: You’ve sent the agency an email that contains a short description of the service you’re searching for. A couple of days later, the agency responded to you with a quote.

Have you had this happen to you in the past?

This is a major warning! A passionate agency will always be willing to challenge your requirements by asking the appropriate questions. They can examine the reasons why you’re attracted to their services and determine the goals you’re trying to do for your company. 

A few might suggest your expectations are achievable to realize. Allow them to look over your plan and ask questions and they will provide you with an idea of their method of working.

What services does the Agency specialize in?

Different agencies specialize in various aspects of marketing – either digital or offline. So, working with an agency that is an expert in their area is crucial. It’s a great beginning if the agency’s expertise is in line with your company’s goals.

Utilizing a full social media marketing agency Manchester offers pros and cons. There are benefits to having a team of professionals who can develop an effective plan that meets all needs.

But the old saying about “jack of all trades master of none” applies to you too. Partnering with companies that specialize in specific areas will allow you to receive the most efficient service that you can get for each channel.

For instance, our principal product at Plexxie is offering social media marketing agency Manchester Services (Facebook & Instagram). We provide services in social media marketing, such as developing a strategy for social media and creating content, as well as executing campaigns that are information-driven Facebook and Instagram marketing, influencer marketing, and much more. 

Our experience helps us comprehend the market for our clients at a deeper scale, pinpoint specific opportunities, and develop a successful plan based on data.

When Will I Start Seeing Results?

Beware of agencies for marketing on social media who claim that you will get a large ROI within a short time. 

To produce results that are meaningful marketing campaigns that focus on social media must take time, particularly if you’re only beginning to establish your brand. Once you’ve created your brand and you’re ready for the long term.

We have a timeline we provide to our clients who want to know the time it takes to see the results with social media marketing in conjunction with a budget for advertising or buying media:

  1. 1 – 3 Months: Brand building on social media but with few outcomes.
  2. 4-12 months If you can see positive results that increase each month. You should begin to see an increase in the number of followers and engagement.
  3. 12-month to 24-month: You should see an increase in the traffic to your store and physical location(s) and also accumulate an impressive number of customers through the Facebook Pixel events for Customer buy.

What Social Media Tools Do You Use?

A genuine social media marketing company utilizes pay-per-click software for managing the accounts of its clients. The pay-per-click software permits the agency to plan posts, conduct social media listening, as well as read the important information that is imported from the specific platform for social media.


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