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Bavarian accessories to carry on the Oktoberfest

When it comes to Bavarian fashion, it’s no secret that Dirndl and Lederhosen are the first things to come to mind. But its roots in tradition run so much deeper than just one’s choice of clothing. Bavarian fashion is holistic and does not exist in a bubble. It is steeped in history and tradition.

A dirndl is a traditional Bavarian dress that women wear. It’s made of cotton, but styles range from simple and elegant to brightly colored. Traditionally the neckline is low, the bodice fitted, and the skirt full. A cap and apron are worn with it.

A German dirndl dress is always accompanied by a matching, stand-out item of jewelry. Men, women, and children wear the headpiece on special occasions such as the Oktoberfest. Also, bavarian bags make for a nice giveaway during your Oktoberfest event.

Let’s discuss each accessory in detail below:

Bavarian accessories 

To give you an idea of the accessories that are available this year, we’re going to take a quick tour of the Accessories section of Dirndl Online Shop

  • Dirndl bag

Sweet little felt handbags with designs like traditional Bavarian clothes are popular accessories for women at beer festivals, but they can be hard to find in a store. Now, there are more types of bags with the Bavarian look and embroidery available. There are shoulder bags made to go with dirndls.

Small bags are best suited to Dirndls because they do not weigh down the dress. No large bags are allowed in tents during the Oktoberfest event.

  • Bavarian Belts 

After decades of wearing dirndls, we girls have been wearing lederhosen and Bavarian-style jeans for years now. It’s surprising that designers and sellers have taken this long to realize that people need matching accessories. 

Leather belts and traditional chains can be seen hanging from the front of the women’s lederhosen on a woman who is wearing a feminine version of the traditional male dress. These are just what you need to add some femininity to your Oktoberfest outfit. Women also wear traditional charivari chains with their drindl. 

  • Traditional hats 

We know how well a nice hat can help complete your dirndl. However, we are pleasantly surprised by this season’s range, from bright green felt hats to lively reds with floral details, as well as elegant black and grey picks.

Besides hats, there are many other types of hair adornments available today. These include flowers, ribbons, and shapes that you can use to make your own hair wreath.

  • Jewelry with dirndl

The most common accessory for Oktoberfest outfits is a choker or ribbon necklace to match your dirndl. Popular decorations include pewter edelweiss flowers, deer (for Bavaria), lions, pretzels, and beer steins.

Bracelets usually match your Bavarian dirndl dress and can be made of ribbon, leather, or metal. You can even use a short scarf to tie around your neck and then move it onto one of your wrists as you change up your look.

Make sure to choose the right length of Dirndl. 

Today’s women have more choices of styles and lengths than ever before. Although this is great, too much choice can be overwhelming, making it difficult to choose. Plus, the rules that used to help guide women in their clothing choices are now outdated.

To help you with this, we’re going to give you some tips on how to determine dirndl length so that you can enjoy the variety and fun of wearing a dirndl without denying your own individuality. While styling for the Oktoberfest event, you have to look for the following three things:

  • Comfort 

Comfort is a big factor when choosing a skirt, whether it falls just below the knees or lands somewhere higher on the thigh. Most girls feel most comfortable in a skirt that hits right around the knees because that’s where all of their favorite skirts seem to land.

  • Context 

When dressing for a formal event, you might consider the formality of the occasion and the type of clothing commonly worn for such occasions. For example, the dirndl, which is perfect for the Oktoberfest, might not be suitable for a Bavarian wedding.

  • Combining 

When choosing a dirndl, consider what you’ll be wearing it with. A long blouse will make the dress look shorter, whereas an off-shoulder blouse might lengthen it. Shoes can also change the length of the outfit, as can cardigans, jackets, and shawls.

Considering the above three factors is essential while styling your Oktoberfest costume.  When working with new trends, it is important to be prepared for different outcomes. The dirndl trend will not work for everyone; its success depends on how you wear it. With a few key accessories, you can ensure that your look is on-trend and fashionable. Therefore remember to wear the dirndl with all of the appropriate accessories when styling for a traditional look.


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