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Change Your Life iIn 2022 With These 5 Self Improvement Apps!

We’ve all had thoughts of self-improvement a million times that lead us to make New Year resolutions, only to not follow through on them. Whether it’s sticking to a diet or saving up money, sticking to self-improvement is a commitment. Achieving your goals becomes a lot easier when you have the right motivation and support system. And having the right apps installed on your phone can do wonders on your journey to achieving those goals. 

You can soon start eating healthier, saving money, picking a new career, and working out regularly with these self-improvement apps on your phone! You only need a good internet speed to download and use them. Rise Broadband customer service will hook you up with the fastest Rise Broadband internet plan in your area so you’re always connected to these apps on your journey to becoming a better you!

Check out the top 5 below!

  • Skillshare

What’s a better way to challenge and improve yourself than learning a new skill? Skillshare is the perfect app to have when you want to expand your skillset and try out something new. It has classes on everything. Literally. From designing dresses to painting pots to programming an app, Skillshare has hundreds and thousands of classes to help you pick a new hobby or polish your old skills. You can watch classes on the go with the app. Most classes are offered free of charge but you can always bump up to the premium plans and access more classes. The app is available on both Android and iOS. 

  • Any.do 

It’s impossible to keep track of all your tasks when you have so much on your plate. This is where Any.do comes in to help. It lets you organize your tasks and manage your to-do list anywhere and everywhere. You can add files, reminders, and notes easily and access them from home or on the go. The clean and simple UI is what makes the app a top choice amongst users. It’s available on Android and iOS for free. 

  • Work and Rest

Hitting the pause button with such a crazy and hectic lifestyle can seem impossible but it’s vital. Remembering when to take a break is extremely crucial for your mental and physical well-being. Download the Work and Rest app and build a healthier and more ‘you-focused’ lifestyle. The app allows you to add daily reminders to hit pause on your screen time, your tasks, and your to-do list and to take a break for five, thirty, or however long you need to freshen up. The app is only available on Android for now. 

  • SimpleHabit

SimpleHabit is a popular meditation app designed for people with busy schedules. It offers five-minute exercises for free that don’t take up a lot of room in your tight schedules. These exercises help you unwind and relax with a range of mindfulness and meditation resources. You can pick the mood you’re in, the situation you’re in, and the time of the day to get a customized meditation plan. You can download the app on iOS and Android. 

  • Strides

This app helps you track all your goals and habits healthily. Whatever your goal is, just jot it down on the app, and check your progress through detailed reports and fancy graphs! Accomplish whatever you’ve planned to with the help of Strides. The clean and user-friendly interface of the app is a bonus! This app is only available for iOS users as of now. 

To Wrap it Up

Achieve all your goals and build a healthier lifestyle with these 5 apps. Make the most of technology and simplify your life even more!


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