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Check Out These Necessary Features That A Dubai Labor Camp Must Have

Dubai is a beautiful place to live. However, it can be difficult to find homes for the staff members. Thankfully, Dubai has plenty of labor camps available. They come in all forms and sizes—some are high-end luxury resorts, while others are run-down lodgings on the city’s outskirts. It is important to choose a Dubai labor camp that comes with the following features-

Flexible room sizes

The minimum accommodation capacity of a labor camp should be five people. These camp houses are roomy and ideal for workers from the same company. If the team has more people, it is important to look for high accommodation capacity. The labor camp Dubai should be comfortable and offer close-knit living so that no one feels alone in a foreign country. In big camps, each unit must fit eight people in one room. To accommodate more people, rooms should be spacious and comfortable for the workers.

Retail areas with supermarkets, banking facilities, etc.  

A labour accommodation Dubai must have a strategic location with convenient access to basic amenities. The ideal location offers the residents easy access to stores, medical facilities, and banking facilities. Since international workers are not native to Dubai, they can feel easily disoriented if essential facilities are not nearby. 

Public transportation and taxi services

It is important to choose a labour accommodation in dubai that is close to transportation services. Proximity to public transportation services makes farther-off locations easily reachable. Being close to taxi services is also important for hassle-free commuting. Many work camps have metro stations nearby, allowing poor laborers to travel cheaply.

Closer to work

It is much easier for workers if the accommodation Dubai labour camp is close to the factory or company. Workers can easily travel to their work destination without much difficulty. This will further save on travel costs and time. As a result, the labor camps are placed very near to the workstations.

Proper amenities

If you need a sonapur labour camp dubai, make sure the property offers basic amenities like a kitchen and a bathroom. The bathroom should feature geysers, as well as working taps and showers. The kitchen should feature an oven, microwave, utensils, and a refrigerator. By offering these amenities, the companies can simplify the living of workers while they are in Dubai for work.

Healthcare facilities

In the unfortunate case of a medical emergency, laborers must have easy access to healthcare facilities for a speedy recovery. Hence, it is important to have health facilities close to each labor housing in Dubai. Apart from general health checkups, some labor camps have the arrangement of ambulance services to address severe medical cases. If you are looking for a labour camp for rent in Dubai, consider this in your priority checklist. 

Recreation areas and sports facilities

Such perks help in re-engaging employees after a long day at work. If they participate in activities that go beyond just work, they can unwind and find some peace of mind. For a refreshing break, they can spend their spare time watching movies or going to a concert. Many camps have nearby sports facilities, and many workers visit them to play games and hold matches.


Booking a labour camp rent in Dubai is an ideal way to get cheap, reliable accommodation for workers. It can be difficult to select the right labor camp with so many things to consider. You can directly get in touch with RG Estate Agents, who can find you an ideal property that meets your needs and budget. 


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