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The Most Delectable Foods From Different States Of India

Indian foods are continually used wealthy, spicy, and flavorful words in their cuisine. Indian food is mixed in a variety of spices to create the distinctive flavor of their dishes. All of the foods are very tasty and highly aromatic because of the combination of different spices like pepper, turmeric, and more. People mostly loved to eat Indian food because the foods usually pair different ingredients to create the unique flavor of their dishes. However, we describe here some of the best dishes from different states of India that you should try, before you say goodbye.     

Maharashtra: Misal Pav

Try this Maharashtrian street food. This food is usually topped with lemon juice, coriander leaves, onions, and tomatoes. Misal pav is served with a side of soft pav that is called Indian dinner rolls. Even, you can serve this tasty and filling vegan dish at your breakfast or lunch. In this recipe, matki is operated to make the misal. 

Punjabi: Makki di roti

This Punjabi flat roti is basically made from corn flour. Generally, this food is served with Sarson da saag. Makki di roti is traditionally made by a flattening dough ball and repeatedly pressing through palms in a thumping motion just to give it a round shape. However, this customary technique is difficult. It needs some practice so the recipe is used more manageable for you. 

Assam: Papaya Khar

It is traditionally prepared during festivals in Eastern India. Papaya is a low cholesterol fruit. This fruit helps in decreasing weight, improves eyesight, and helps to boost immunity as it is good for diabetes. The main component of this dish is papaya. Using papaya and potatoes, this dish is easy to make. It doesn’t need much time. Papaya is a perfect Mushy food for infants. In this recipe, you need raw papaya that is blended with just the right amount of spices that gives this dish an unknown flavor.    

Gujrat: Dhokla

Dhokla is a vegetarian dish. It is mainly found in Gujrat. Try this Gujrati delicious dish at your home. There you will have to use baking soda to make soft spongy Dhokla. Generally, it is made with fermented batter which is typically made with rice and lentils. You can be eaten this food item for breakfast as a side dish, as the main course, or as a snack. Dhokla shares its similarity with Khaman. 

Kashmir: Rogan Josh

Warm your dinner table with this hearty-meaty curry. Here’s a rogan josh that straight from a Kashmiri kitchen has meat stirred along with a host of different aromatic herbs and spices. Pair it up with mint chutney and onion rings to serve at your dinner parties. Even you can serve mutton rogan josh with any Indian bread of your choice or some steamed rice. 

Bihar: Litti Chokha 

This healthy food is mainly discovered in Bihar. In this recipe, where Litti is the squeezed wheat doubt ball and Chokha is a mashed sauce. Chokha can be made with roasted eggplant, roasted potatoes, and tomatoes. You can make them individually. Even, you can mix all three ingredients to make one Chokha. To make one Chokha, there you can mix the baingan and tomatoes or even mix potatoes to make the second one.  

There is another tasty recipe Ga’at Recipe made with wheat flour to fulfill your breakfast.

Goa: Fish curry

Actually, it is curry paste that compiles the necessary species. Goa fish curry is an aromatic fish curry with a blend of spices, ginger, garlic, and onions along with fresh tomatoes and coconut. Though there are a variety of fishes that are used for preparing the curry. Generally, Korameena or black sole is used in this recipe which tastes overly good.


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