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Houston vs. Los Angeles – A Comparison of Living Expenses

Are you planning to move from Los Angeles, California, to Houston, Texas? You’ll be glad to know that the living expense in Houston is significantly cheaper. The main thing to consider when moving from one city to another is the cost of living, which refers to how much more or less it will cost to live in a new city. Read on to learn more about the Houston vs. Los Angeles cost of living. 

Comparison of Living Expenses 

Houston and Los Angeles are two of the largest cities in the country. Los Angeles is known for the range of diversity, activities, foods, ethnicities, and cultures. Houston is a diverse city with a blue-collar vibe. Its position as a thriving metropolis makes it a desirable place to work, live, and play. As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston boasts a healthy job market and plenty of recreation and nightlife. 

Cost of living Houston vs los Angeles varies significantly, with Los Angeles facing a higher cost of living than Houston. For example, the cost of living in Los Angeles is 53.3% higher than in Houston, Texas. You will need to earn a salary of $91,982 to maintain your current living standard in Los Angeles. Employers often pay 10.3% more in Los Angeles than in Houston for doing the same job type in the same company. 

The standard of living in a city refers to food, clothing, affordable healthcare, and affordable housing options. Consumer prices in Los Angeles are 19.14% higher than in Houston, while rent prices in Los Angeles are 70.66% higher than in Houston. 

Cost of Accommodation 

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The plenty of accommodation in Houston, whether buying a house or renting one. Renting is more affordable, with the cost of purchasing a house outpacing salaries. If you’re only planning to stay in Houston for a limited time, renting is the preferable choice. However, you will need some basic appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, and washing machine when renting houses in Houston. 

The housing prices in Houston are not as high as in other Texan cities such as Austin. You will pay $1000 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center and $700 outside the city center. Since there are no zoning laws, you can find a high-rise block next to your beautiful house.  

In contrast, there is a lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles since many people want to live there. The city is 56.93% more expensive than Houston. You will pay $2320 per month in Los Angeles to rent a one bedroom apartment in the city center and $1664 outside the city center.  

Cost of Food  

A single full-time working adult who cooks their meals will spend $3,000 a year on food in Houston. The food prices are lower in Texan food compared to Los Angeles. For example, one liter of milk costs $0.81 in Houston and $1.03 in Los Angeles. Similarly, bread in Los Angeles is $3.51 and $2.52 in Houston.  

There are over 10,000 restaurants in Houston covering food from worldwide. An inexpensive restaurant ranges between $34 for a meal of two in Houston and $40 in Houston. Some stores offer frequent discounts or loyalty programs to save you more money. In Los Angeles, restaurants are 10.58% cheaper, and groceries are 4.92% more expensive than in Houston. 

Cost of Nightlife and Entertainment 

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Compared to Los Angeles, entertainment and nightlife are cheaper in Houston, with many activities. The bars, nightclubs, and live music are an essential part of life in the city. A bottle of domestic beer at a restaurant costs $5.00, while a bottle of imported beer costs $17. You can visit most of the city parks without paying a fortune.  

In Los Angeles, a 0.5 L bottle of domestic beer costs $7.00 in a restaurant, while a bottle of imported beer costs $20. Cinemas in Los Angeles cost $15 compared to $12 in Houston. Sports lovers would prefer Los Angeles as the city has many recreational opportunities. However, tickets are expensive in Los Angeles. 

Cost of Transport 

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When moving to Houston, set aside a budget for the cost of owning and maintaining a car. While the city has a public transport network that’s reasonably cost-effective to use, it’s often limited. You might have to own a car to get around.  

Metro runs the public transport system in Houston. It comprises an efficient road and rail system with an adult single Metro costing $1.25. In Los Angeles, a one-way ticket costs $1.75. The cost of a monthly transit in LA ranges about $122, higher than in Houston. You can still get around with ride-shares in the city to keep your budget down. 

Other Utilities 

Other basic utilities in Houston include electricity, cooling, heating, water, and garbage. In Houston, you might pay $140 per month for these basic utilities and $145 per month in Los Angeles. Electric costs in Los Angeles are currently the fifth-highest compared to Houston.  

Bottom Line 

Houston is more affordable than Los Angeles in living expenses. If you’re planning to move to Houston from Los Angeles, you’ll be glad to know that you are dollar will have higher buying power. In 2021, the cost of living in Houston ranked 75th out of 209 cities worldwide. If you have a good-paying job, you’ll love Los Angeles. The range of diversity, activities, foods, ethnicities, comprar seguidores twitter and cultures are more prominent in Los Angeles than in Houston. 



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