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Rainin LTS Filter Tips: Everything You Need to Know

The Rainin LTS Filter is a medical device that is designed to prevent the aspiration of liquids and aerosols. It features hydrophobic polyethylene particles that reduce aspiration by preventing contact between the filter tip and aerosols or liquids. Rainin filter tips are machine loaded, which eliminates human contact during manufacturing. In addition, they undergo a pre-sterilization process through radiation, which makes them sterile and certified free of contamination. They are an excellent choice for a variety of medical applications.

Cone-shaped structures

Rainin LTS Filter TIps are cone-shaped structures that fit onto pipettes. Pipettes are common laboratory tools that scientists use to collect liquid samples. They are disposable and are usually discarded after use. The patented LTS tip sealing system reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries in laboratories by reducing the amount of tip ejection forces. This filtration system also helps to eliminate hanging droplets.

Feature BioCleanTM technology

The Rainin LTS Filter Tips feature BioCleanTM technology to prevent biological contaminants from clogging the tips. This innovation makes the Rainin LTS tip the right choice for most purposes. Rainin LTS Filter Tips are available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Reduces Mounting & Ejection

Rainin LTS Filter Tips feature a patented LiteTouch System, or LTS, pipettes. These tips feature a small sealing surface and a positive stop, which reduces mounting and ejection force. Compared to conventional pipet tips, Rainin LTS tips offer a superior performance and reliability. These tips are compatible with Rainin LTS pipettors and are easy to use.

The Rainin LTS Filter is made with pure sintered polyethylene tips to prevent aspiration of aerosols and liquids. Its machine-loaded design and minimal human contact in manufacturing reduces contamination risk. Upon packaging, the filter tips are pre-sterilized by radiation. This makes it an ideal filter for laboratories and research facilities.

Pure sintered polyethylene

The Pure sintered polyethylene Rainin LTS Filter has a hydrophobic surface that prevents aerosols and liquids from being aspirated. Its design also makes it easy to load and is sterile. The filters are manufactured with no human contact, and are pre-sterilized via radiation after manufacture. This makes them perfect for a variety of medical applications.


The Rainin LTS Filter is designed to protect samples from cross contamination. The ultra-stable rack system reduces tip ejection forces by up to 85%. It is designed to fit multiple channel pipettes and high-throughput environments. The Rainin LTS Filter includes a set of bio-safe tips, including extended-length tips that reach the bottom of tall, narrow tubes.

Stiction-less sealing system

The Stiction-less sealing system of the Rainin LTS Filter eliminates the need for excessive force while applying the seal. The system utilizes a cylinder shaft and thin-walled tips, which minimize the amount of area involved in the seal, and a positive stop that prevents the shaft from jamming into the tip. The system costs the same as a standard filter tip, and offers many benefits.

Low retention

The Rainin LTS filter has low retention, enabling it to be used in a wide variety of applications. The filter tips are made from a special resin that is designed to minimize the sample retention inside the filter tip. They are compatible with Rainin LTS style pipettors and are sterile and safe for use in medical and diagnostic applications. Additionally, the filter tips are autoclavable.

Wide orifice

The Rainin BioClean LTS tip has a wide orifice, minimizing shear forces and allowing a higher flow rate even for high-viscosity liquids. These tips are available in sterile and non-sterile versions. Both tips are compatible with Rainin LTS pipettes and universal-fit pipettes.

Extended length

Extended length tips of Rainin LTS filter pipettes enable aspiration and dispense into narrow or tall vessels. The tips are longer and narrower than standard length tips, but still maintain pipetting accuracy. These tips are available in sterile and nonsterile varieties.

Final Words:

Using a multichannel pipette is a great way to make your pipetting easier and more efficient. There are different types of multichannel pipettes that use different fitting tips. It’s best to choose one that has interchangeable tips and is compatible with most brands of pipettes.


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