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Reasons Why You May Want to Study in Japan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study in another country? Not only will you receive a first-class education, but you will also be able to travel, meet new people, and learn about other cultures. 

Japan is becoming increasingly popular as an attractive study destination and more and more international students are looking to study there. According to a recent study by the Japanese Student Services Organization (JASSO), more than 300,000 international students study in the country. 

This increase in the number of students wanting to study in Japan is because most people now realize that there are many benefits to studying in Japan. Therefore, if you are planning to study abroad, you should choose schools in Tokyo.

 World Class Education

Japan is known worldwide for its high standard of education. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranks students first in mathematics and second in scientific literacy worldwide. Japan has more than 700 universities, 10 of which are among the top 200 universities in the world.

It also has the second largest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world and the largest number of any Asian country. This makes Japan a knowledge base, and studying at an international school in Tokyo will give you the skills you need to compete in even the most competitive job market.

They develop important life skills

 Apart from seeing the world and traveling; You too can develop as a person. Studying abroad offers you a unique opportunity to live, work and communicate with people from different cultures. While there, you can learn the language from the locals and learn more about their culture and history.

When you are separated from your family, you have to be independent and take responsibility for yourself. Living alone in a foreign country forces you to develop important life skills that will come in handy later in life. This encounter will help you grow as a person as you see things from a different perspective and appreciate cultural differences.

You can learn Japanese directly

 What better way to learn Japanese than living in Japan? Learning Japanese has many benefits such as: B. it facilitates communication and even works in the countryside. During your studies, you have a unique opportunity to learn a language and further your education.

This is how you learn Japanese practically, because you can learn and use the language in your everyday life. With this better interaction with the locals, you will learn the language faster. It is believed that by living in the countryside and interacting with the locals, you can become more fluent in Japanese in about a year, while living abroad will take at least five years.

There are many scholarships

 There are many scholarship awards for international students to study in Japan. From government sponsored such as MEXT to JASSO, private sponsors, local authorities and various universities and colleges. Thanks to these generous scholarships and low tuition fees, getting a quality education in Japan is much easier and cheaper. This low tuition fee is due to the large number of educational institutions in Japan.

If a local student in America has more than $10,000 a year or more to spend on tuition, an international student may be able to pay more because the additional costs they have, such as: B. travel expenses, cost more. In Japan, however, tuition costs are about half that ($5,500), making it cheaper to get an education there. As an international scientist, you can also apply for a partial or full tuition fee waiver, which further reduces the amount you have to pay.

Discover a rich and diverse culture

 Studying in Japan allows you to travel and see other parts of the world that you may never have been to. During your stay in Japan, you can experience the country’s rich and diverse culture first-hand. Japan has a long and rich history filled with interesting military stories.

There you can visit various temples and shrines and learn interesting things, e.g. B. how the katana shaped Japanese history. In addition to past history, you can also feel what life was like in other countries. Japan has a very high standard of living, from a great health care system to transportation, affordable food, modern housing, and other great services.

Despite these modern living conditions, the cost of living is not very high, which makes studying, living and even working in Japan much easier.

Apart from a high standard of education, an interesting language and culture, Japan has a lot to offer. If you’re thinking about where to continue your education, take advantage of these benefits as an excuse to study in Japan. Studying abroad will open up more opportunities and experiences for you.


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