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The Expert Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most prominent social media and advertising platform globally because it is easy to run ad campaigns here. Be it a  Facebook Ads Experts or just a beginner; everyone is looking for ways to get better and maximize the output derived from these ads.

Users often try to buy real Facebook likes to attract more numbers of audiences. Facebook advertising will help you target your specific audience and give valuable insights with minimum investment.

To help you further, here is an expert guide to Facebook Advertising-

Create A Facebook Ad – While creating your Facebook ad, The first step will be to open an account in Ads manager. It is a tool that will help create, run, and track the ads you will make. Then comes writing the ad copy, which should have-

  • CTA( call to action)- That compels the people to click on your ad, including clearly defined writing on whatever you sell.
  • Audience targeting- Facebook offers a wide range of targeting options, you should be clear about your target audience and then add/ refine from there.
  • Targeted writing- Whenever writing the ad copy, the target audience should be kept in mind. The lingo and the style must attract the right audience. 
  • Headline – The headline is probably the first thing that attracts, so it must be appealing, catchy and nothing vague that confuses the audience. 
  • Image – The image you use and your written ad copy must be in sync and complement each other. So it looks well thought out and makes sense to the people the ad is directed to. 

Advertising Strategies- Some Facebook ads experts suggest that it is easy to get swayed by the wide variety of targeting options it provides. The best way forward is to define your target audience outside this periphery and then use this intel to target the ads.

And if there is still doubt, information from these can help you define your target audience, like competitors, demographics ( age, location), website analytics, social media analytics, current customer base, sales team, etc.

Once there is a clearly defined picture of your target audience, you can move forward with running a competitive analysis, track your competitors, check their customer base and then plan your current ads accordingly.

Facebook analytics: With your ads campaigns up and running, you can adjust your ads with all the data. The Facebook analytics tool is your ads’ ultimate guide/ performance tracker. Facebook page insights are the dashboard that encompasses all the information you need like-

  • Page insights- It gives you detailed metrics of your page, like content performance.
  • Audience insights- It shows the recent trends in your page’s audience about who they are.
  • Ads manager- It gives detailed information about how your ads are working.

Facebook Retargeting: Facebook pixel helps you in retargeting the audience you have already engaged if they visited your website. This is also called remarketing.


Facebook advertising is undoubtedly the best way to grow any business; most importantly, it does not need much knowledge to run a Facebook ad successfully. Whether you are a novice or a Facebook Ads Expert, these strategies can help you create and run ads that will yield great results. 


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