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Tractors and their uses in agriculture: All vertices explained

Tractors are one of the most commonly used farming machines that are known for their impeccable contribution to organised and mechanised agriculture. Tractors have found their usage in agriculture, construction, road building, and through other farming perspectives. Further speaking, the history of tractor usage in agricultural fields started with portable steam engines in the late 19th century. These steam engines in tractors were used to drag ploughs in the 1890s. In this series, 1892 marked the beginning of gasoline tractor engines, channelled through an initiative taken by CW Hart and CH Parr of Charles City, Lowa.

In addition to the above facts, belts and take-off power were incorporated into tractors from the beginning of their time. This was to facilitate the usage of implements and other agricultural attachments. This facility is now called hydraulic power and take-off power. Further, these powers are utilised to drive implements to maximise and customise the usage of tractors.

Usage of tractors in agriculture

A tractor’s usage is majorly dependent on its type. Taking farming tractors (also known as utility tractors) into consideration, these are mainly used in core agricultural practices. In addition, industrial tractors exist because of their usage in logging and lifting loads. Taking this factor into consideration, different types of industries use different types of tractors for completing their daily operations. 

Taking the above facts into consideration, the below are the types of tractors that are used in different types of agricultural lands. Let’s discuss this.

  1. Utility Tractors

Farmers use this type of tractor for daily agricultural operations like ploughing and other complex and heavy farming operations. These types of tractors are known for their versatility and usage in cutting down additional operational costs. Furthermore, these multifunctional tractors are also known for their variable power range, which ranges from 45 HP to 140 HP. Due to this, these types of tractors can easily run implements like harvesters, threshers, etc. For example, Farmtrac 60 powermaxx comes with 49 Hp of rated engine power and thus is known among utility tractors.

  1. Compact Tractors

These tractors are known for their small turning capacity and are ideal for small farms and vineyards. These tractors usually are designed to be sleek with narrow rear track width. With the help of these tractors, one can pick low-hanging fruits, trim trees and do such gardening tasks. For example, Mahindra 265 mini tractor comes with 30 Hp of rated engine power and is ideal for the processes described above.

  1. Row crop tractors

Farmers use a unique technique that promotes farming in a row to control weed growth and decrease soil pressure. Here, in this process, these row crop tractors are used as catalysts in performing operations like ploughing, levelling, harrowing, pulling seed drills, and eliminating weeds. 

  1. Implement carrier tractors

These tractors are mainly known by their working module. These are known for carrying implements such as sprayers, drillers, loaders, rotary sweepers, seed drills, etc. These have an extension in between the rear and front tyre chassis, maximising the usage of implements.

  1. Two-wheeled tractors 

These lightweight and small tractors find their usage in small farming operations such as ploughing, tilling and pulling small implements like harvesters, trailers, etc. These tractors are most commonly used on small farms and gardens. Furthermore, these tractors are powered by the usual gasoline engines.

  1. Garden tractors

These farming machines (also known as tractors) are known for their usage in cutting grass and flower beds. These are one of the smallest tractors coming with a power range of 1 HP to 20 HP. Usually, gardeners find these tractors most useful for their jobs.

Usage of tractors in construction

Tractors are also known for their usage at construction sites. Preferentially tractors at construction are used in pulling and pushing loads. Apart from moving loads, the tractors have also been found synced with equipment such as shovels, bulldozers, etc. Below are some types of constructional tractors popular all over the world.

Bulldozer Construction

These tractors have shovels in both front and rear. Thus, find their usage in moving dirt, debris, and rocks. Bulldozers are also used to demolish unmapped or unplanned construction as these have high muscular power.

Excavators & Backhoe loaders


These types of tractors mainly find their usage in digging holes and cavities. The tractors in this category can lift heavy loads and are a perfect fit with shovels attached. Nevertheless, to mention, the driver sits at the top. 

Backhoe loaders

These kinds of tractors are known for their usage in the urbanisation of cities due to their small and compact size. The tractors in this category are used for Breaking asphalt, digging holes, and demolishing unplanned constructions.

Military construction

They are preferentially used for demolishing unplanned constructions, building quick transportation facilities, etc. Furthermore, these are used in moving guns and other military equipment during emergency times of war.

To wrap up

This blog is based on the usage of tractors in agriculture. The report discusses the history of tractors and their usage in agriculture. Further, the report discusses the types of tractors that are used in different types of agricultural lands.


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