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Best Recipe for Indian Traditional Paratha

The variety of Indian cuisine is something we adore. You can make parathas when you don’t have the time or patience to prepare multiple things. Parathas are Indian Flat Bread Recipes that can be stuffed with ingredients such as dal, cooked potatoes, or green vegetables, and you’ll be tempted to take more bites.

So let’s glance at some of the savory and delicious Best Paratha Recipes that will tickle your taste buds!

Homemade Aloo Paratha

The most well-known among the Best Paratha Recipes is aloo paratha, which everyone loves. Aloo Paratha Recipe is a breakfast dish filled with blended and boiled potatoes and spicy spices.

Instructions to make Aloo Paratha 

  • To make this Aloo Paratha Recipe, first, you need all the ingredients—except the water—should be combined in a bowl or stand mixer.
  •  Gradually add the water while kneading the dough until it is stiff but malleable. For the dough to rest, set aside for at least 30 minutes.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Create balls by dividing the mixture into equal portions. Shape the dough into balls by dividing it into equal halves.
  • One of the dough balls should be rolled out into a disc with a diameter of about four inches on a dusted surface. Keep the edges thin and the middle thick.
  •  Pull the sides over the top of the stuffing after placing it in the center. To remove any extra dough, squeeze a tight seal and pinch to close. Roll into a circle six to seven inches in diameter after being floured on both sides and flattened into a disc.
  •  Oil should be sprayed on a hot grill. The flatbread should be placed on the grill and cooked until golden brown spots start to emerge. To cook the opposite side, flip it over.
  • If necessary, flip it over a few more times until the surface is well cooked and speckled with golden brown spots.
  •  Serve hot with Indian pickles, raita made of cucumbers, or chutney.

Green chili paratha

When you have a craving for a spicy Indian paratha or breakfast, the Green Chili Paratha is the perfect solution. Green Chilli Paratha Recipe is among the Indian Flat Bread Recipes, known as “green chili paratha” or Hari Mirch Ka Paratha Recipe made by stuffing green chilies and served with curd.

Making of Green Chili Parantha 

  • To make this Green Chilli Paratha Recipe, you need a large basin, combine the flour, salt, and oil. Using just enough water, knead soft dough; set aside. Carom and nigella seeds are added to a non-stick pan heated with 1 tsp of oil.
  • Add salt and green chilies when they begin to crackle, sauté for a couple of seconds, and then set aside. Pick up a tiny bit of dough. Shape a small amount of the chili stuffing into a circle and place it in the center.
  • Fold all the edges to the middle, then firmly seal. Roll once more, this time using a little flour. Utilizing oil, fry the paratha on a Tawa over a medium flame till golden brown on both sides.
  • Your Hari Mirch Ka Paratha Recipe is ready now. Serve curd and pickles beside hot chili paratha.

Dal Paratha

This delicious Dal Paratha is among Indian Flat Bread Recipes and is made with a unique blend of spices, lentils high in protein, and whole-wheat flour. The protein-rich paratha energizes the body, best enjoyed with chili or mango pickles.

Preparation of making Dal Paratha 

  • Wheat flour, cooked dal, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, ajwain, turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala, amchur powder, oil, and salt should all be combined a big basin. Mix well. Add a tiny amount of water to make the smooth but not sticky dough. Oil the dough lightly and set it aside for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Form the dough into balls. Using a chapatti roller, roll the parathas to a diameter of 3 inches. Then use a spoon to apply a little oil or ghee to it.
  • As indicated in this image, fold from left to right. Spread some oil once more, and then add some wheat flour. Fold starting at the top and covering the last fold with the opposite side (from the bottom). It ought to resemble a square. Then roll it into a reasonably thick paratha that is square.
  • Place the paratha in a tawa or skillet preheated over medium heat. When bubbles appear, flip the dish over and sprinkle some ghee or oil on top. Repeat the flipping process and add more oil or ghee to the other side until both sides are nicely browned.
  •  With curd, pickles, raita, or any different gravy of your choosing, serve Dal Paratha.

 Gobhi Paratha

In our list of Indian Paratha Recipes, here come our gobhi paratha. Warm stuffed pieces of bread served straight from the frying pan with fresh curd, pickles, and butter is pure delight. You can also include cottage cheese crumbles and mashed potatoes to enhance the flavor.

Preparation of making Gobhi Paratha 

  • Roll one of the dough balls into a rotation with your rolling pin. Place a couple of tablespoons of stuffing in the center after adding little optional oil.
  • Add salt and garam masala powder to the dish. Now take the dough’s four corners and pinch them together.
  • To fill in all the holes, firmly press the pinched dough. Roll the dough into a 7-8 inch circle using your rolling pin. Roll the paratha and place it on the hot tawa.

 After about a minute:

  1. Flip the side over to finish cooking it.
  2. Apply oil (about 1/4 teaspoon) to the side that is halfway done before flipping it over.
  3. Apply oil now to the opposite side as well. The paratha should be pressed with a spatula and cooked until golden brown spots appear on both sides.
  4. The leftover dough balls should be repeated. Now that Gobi Paratha is ready! You can serve it with a steaming cup of chai, yogurt, chutney, or pickles.

The Final Words 

Feel free to eat these spicy, buttery, and yummy homemade parathas. These Indian Paratha Recipes can be made at home without worrying about gaining weight! We compiled a list of traditional Best Paratha Recipes for you that you can easily make at home. For more tasty recipes like these, you can follow the Spicyum page and even bookmark it, as it has many Indian vegetarian recipes you can follow and prepare quickly.


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